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Book by Teresa Schumacher and Toni Schumacher- Lund


This book provides an in depth look at the colon and the diseases that ail the human body due to the parasites in our system.  Teresa Schumacher went on to develop Aim's Herbal Fibre Blend in natural and raspberry powders.


The book will take you on a journey to discover what a healthy colon is and what it is not.  Peppered with testimonials and her own personal experience, with black and white illustrations and so much information on what to do and what to take to improve so many conditions that plague the modern world.

"Due to normal dietary eating habits in the west we have need of Cleansing the Body and the Colon to avoid a condition called Mucoid Plaque."


This is a coating on the side of the bowel wall, is in 99% of all human beings living in the western world, eating corresponding food, devoid of nutrients and fibre, causing ill health and secondary conditions?This book explains problems associated with the normal western diet, and how to avoid future build up of Mucoid Plaque, it also mentions the importance of Herbal formulas such as Fiberblend, to assist in it’s removal.Also explains importance of good food, such as home milled flour, complete with bulk, to avoid repeat conditions.


Commercially made bread in most cases is devoid of nutrition and bran, removed for long storage considerations, and this leaves us with no choice but to use our own domestic grain mills to mill our grain into flour.


Who needs to CLEANSE the organs and the colon?

Everyone who eats today's food produces waste, some of which may remain on the colon wall.  Mucus, which is secreted by all intestinal cells, can collect on the colon wall and acumulate, holding recal matter.  All this interfers with the proper functioning of the colon.

Can this happen to you?

Yes! The all American (and Australian) diet that relies on the processes, frozen, canned and convienece foods, that have been prepared frommodified food materials low in fibre and many nutrients - cause the bowel contents to move slowly, stagnate and collect on the colon wall where it becomes entrapped in mucus.

What about dairy?

We eat today's foods and yet expect our digestive system to cope with it year after year.  We load up on diary foods that have been pasturised, homogenized, and stripped of their original digestive aids and enzymes.  In this condition, milk and daiary products become mucus producers, coating the colon and obstructing the natural elimination process.


No statement or part of this book is intended to diagnose, prescribe or take the place of a physician.  The material in this book is presented for your information only.

Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You booklet

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