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We wanted to create an all natural, Australian made deodorant and chafe stick and we have done it with help from our valued and experienced herbalist Amanda.  The brief was to absorb and banish odour, stop chafing and be enviromentally friendly.


Each of the ingredients chosen is there to fulfill this purpose.


  • Organic coconut oil to moisturise and keep you chafe free
  • Bentonite Clay to draw out toxins
  • Cornflour to absorb, and keep you feeling fresh and dry
  •  Bi-carb to absorb odours
  • Essential oils to soothe freshen and cool, anti-viral, anti-bacterial
  • Live probiotics to eliminate bacteria on the skin


 The essential oils; Rosemary for  boosting hygiene  , Litsea for  its soothing properties  and Kunsea for its ability to assist the skin with inflammatory conditions and of course its wonderful fragrance.


Suggested use

After showering  remove the lid and push up from the bottom of the tube.  If weather is cold, warm the tube by holding in your hands creating body heat to loosen contents from the sides.  Push up so that only a small amount of approximately 2mm is showing and apply to armpits and/or areas that chafe.  



Organic Coconut Oil, Candilla Wax, Cornflour, Benonite Clay, Live Probiotics, Bi-carb with essential oils of Rosemary, Litsea and Kunesia.


Packaging: Entire tube and lid is made from cardboard and fully compostable.


Free from: anything made in a lab!

Probiotic Deodorant & Chafe Stick 70g


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