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The power trio for optimal health are together at last!

Support your body’s health with these 3 powerful supplements, formulated based on the principles of ‘[Cu]re: Your Fatigue’ by Morley Robbins.

Recuperate IQ was formulated to help those suffering from persistent fatigue through the replenishment of the key ingredient- copper. It also includes vital minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required for optimal health and abundant energy, while also keeping iron and oxidative stress in proper check. The ingredients in Recuperate IQ:

  • Enhance Copper Intake
  • Support Cellular Health
  • Promote Blood Health
  • Reduce Inflammation

Mag IQ focuses on replenishing the body’s magnesium levels with a superior absorbed and calming form of magnesium to:

  • Support Steady Energy Levels
  • Help Restful Sleep
  • Support Bone Health

Magnesium is crucial for the body to function properly and is involved in more than 600 of the body’s enzymatic reactions. Deficiency can manifest in many ways, such as inefficient blood-sugar metabolism, muscle cramps or soreness, eyelid twitching, fatigue, and poor sleep.


Mag IQ (Malate) contains Magnesium Malate, a bioavailable form of magnesium considered to be the ‘Energy Boosting’ form of Magnesium.

The ingredients in Mag IQ (Malate):

  • Support Steady Energy Levels*
  • Promote Recovery*
  • Enhance Elevated Mood*

Magnesium Malate aids in steady energy production, supports respiratory and cardiovascular health, and promotes athletic recovery.


Cod Liver IQ comes directly from the liver of Icelandic codfishes and is a specific type of fish oil to provide many great health benefits:

  • Enhance Natural Retinol & Vitamin D Intake
  • Support Immune Health
  • Promote Heart & Liver Health

Cod Liver IQ does not contain any adulterated or synthetic forms of Vitamin A and D as many other fish oils do in an attempt to get supra-physiologic doses of these naturally occurring ingredients. We believe that vitamin A and D are meant to be consumed together and in the ratio nature intended, which is 10:1.

FIQ bundle: Recuperate IQ, Mag IQ & Cod Liver IQ

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