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Histamine Support+ 180 capsules

Sourced from organically raised, grass-fed cattle in the Australian Channel Country, Grassland Nutrition presents its proprietary blend of Beef Kidney Organs. Elevate your wellness with Grassland Nutrition’s Freeze-Dried Beef Kidney Organs Blend, Histamine Support+!


Key Features:

  • 180 capsules rich in DAO (Diamine oxidase) for histamine balance
  • Native grass-fed and grass-finished, ensuring maximum nutrient density
  • 100% organic, halal, and pure formulation, free from fillers or flow agents
  • Freeze-dried to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients, co-factors, and biological activityNutrient-Dense Superfood
  • Our blend includes essential B vitamins from the liver, kelp for iron absorption, and selenium for immune health.


Serving Suggestions:

Take with food or water.  Start with 3 capsules and work your way up to 6.  When you feel good you may reduce to 3 for optimal maintenance.



Store in a cool dry place.

Histamine Support Beef Organs & Kelp 160g

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