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Change your table salt to PhycoSalt and combine health and culinary delight. A much rounder and softer salt experience, with more flavour bang per gram of salt.


An Australian trifecta of Murray River pink salt, PhycoGreen 84 (our Australian seaweed) and naturally iodine-rich Wakame, organically harvested from Tasmania.


How to use

Add to any savoury dish, sprinkle on top of eggs and leave out on the table to add an extra boost of flavour to any meal.



Murray River salt flakes*, milled organic Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida)*^, PhycoGreen™^(100%Australian farmed seaweed Ulva sp. 84)
*Organic ingredients ^Australian ingredients
Made in a facility that processes: nuts, sesame seeds.


The irony of iodine and are you getting enough?

Even in Australia iodine deficiency is prevalent in about 50% of children.  The oceans are the biggest source of iodine on the planet, and unless you are getting iodine from regular seafood consumption, then you may be at risk.


Seaweed has probably been one of the most important sources of iodine for human brain development throughout the ages, and so the simple message is to get some in your food and get the dose right! Because salt is a food that we eat each day but in small amounts, it makes sense to use seaweed with your salt intake as you will get some but not too much. This is the easiest and safest way if you don’t know your seaweeds yet.


Not too much, not too little, just right

Iodine is a complicated trace element because it is ESSENTIAL for our health, but it is only required in TRACE amounts. All nutrients are just the same in that we need to eat the right amount of them, however, the right amount of iodine is both super essential but also super small. You only need about a teaspoon of iodine for your whole life, but it is essential for the whole journey.

To read more of this article click on this link.

The irony of iodine and are you getting enough? – PhycoHealth


Phycohealth Phycosalt Salt with Kelp and Seaweed 150g

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