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Seaweed fibre and Sydney Rock Oyster Shell Calcium. 31 days supply per Recylable Starter Jar  or Compostable Refill Sachet.


SeaFibre-CAL™ is our propriety seaweed extract, SeaFibre™, blended carefully with our marine calcium ingredient from Sydney Rock oyster shells, from our local Sydney Rock Oyster farmers. Formulated and dosed in capsule form to deliver 2g of SeaFibre and 270mg of calcium in 4 capsules per day, SeaFibre-CAL is there to support your gut and anti-inflammatory system as well as healthy skin and bones.


Product Information

Taking SeaFibre™ is an easy way to increase and diversify your fibre intake to help you promote a healthy, happy gut, as shown in the research from our clinical studies and as featured in the Clever Guts Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley.

In our studies, however, we found that many participants were deficient in their daily intake of Calcium, with levels only at about 27 - 50% of the recommended daily intake of at least 1000mg, across participants. This is why we have taken a step further in our supplements range to introduce marine calcium alongside SeaFibre™.

As well as Calcium, our unique glycan SeaFibre™ is naturally rich in two other important marine minerals - Magnesium and Boron. These three minerals, alongside Vitamin D, have been shown to work closely together for optimum mineral absorption and reduced loss of bone density. Further, they are also important for skin health and sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

Because our seaweed extract is naturally rich in Magnesium and Boron, our formulation with marine calcium carbonate from Sydney Rock Oyster Shells gets the blend right, and will support over 25% of your recommended daily intake of Calcium, and about 15-20% of your recommended daily intake of Magnesium and Boron.



Each jar contains 90g of capsules, each with 0.5g soluble, sulphated-glycan fibre as well as Magnesium and Boron from Sea lettuce (Ulva sp. 84) and 170mg Calcium carbonate (96%) from Sydney Rock Oyster Shell (Saccostrea glomerata).


How to use

Take 2.7g in 4 capsules daily, with food and plenty of water. If you are sensitive to a sudden increase in fibre intake then it can be useful to start with 2 capsules daily and after a week or two, increase to 4 capsules daily.


Not eating sardines or dairy? SeaFibre-CAL makes it easier to get calcium.

Calcium is deficient in about 40 % of people globally, and we found the deficiency in our local clinical studies matched that pattern. Not only that, but calcium deficiency is overrepresented in people with psoriasis, a core symptom of our inflammation focused research, even if gut inflammation is a key trigger. Calcium gradients in the skin are important for good skin turnover, and deficiency may contribute to psoriasis, not to mention bone health throughout life and in excercise. Calcium carbonate from Rock Oysters is an FDA approved ingredient, and in SeaFibre-CAL the calcium is nicely balanced with the natural magnesium and boron in SeaFibre for a more complete and safe mineral balance. This goes for those needing healthy bone support as well.

If you have ....?


If you have ....?

MENOPAUSE and BONE HEALTH – SeaFibre-CAL and SeaFibre-Fucoidan or Phybre



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