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SEAFIBRE-3 + Omega 3 capsules

Marine Glycan Fibre from Seaweed plus DHA Algal rich Omega -3.. 40 serves per Recylable Starter Jar  or Compostable Refill Sachet. + Gut Health + Fight Inflammation.


Seafibre-3™ is our propriety seaweed extract, blended carefully with algal DHA rich omega-3. Taking Seafibre-3™ is an easy way to increase and diversify your fibre intake to help you promote a healthy, happy  gut, and to support an anti-inflammation diet.


Product Information

Your gut is one of the most important organs in the body and you can keep it happy with our flagship Seafibre-3 concentrated seaweed fibre capsules. As featured in the Clever Guts Diet book, in 2 clinical trials our unique Sea-Fibre extract improved the gut microbiome, reduced inflammatory markers in the blood and even helped the symptoms of people with inflammatory disease. It was their missing link to better health and maybe it is yours too.



Each vegetarian capsule contains 0.5g soluble, sulfated-glycan fibre from Ulva sp. 84 and 15mg algal DHA (Schizochytrium sp.)


How to use

Take 2g in 4 capsules daily with food and plenty of water. If you are sensitive to a sudden increase in fibre intake then it can be useful to start with 2 capsules daily and after a week or two, increase to 4 capsules daily.


I don’t get enough seafood or fish oil? SeaFibre-3 is for you!

Some of you just don’t get enough seafood, or take Omega-3 in fish oil capsules. In Seafibre-3, the original source of Omega-3 DHA, marine algae, come to the rescue to tackle inflammation support on a number of fronts. Not only is Seafibre-3 beneficial for gut related inflammation, but Omega-3 supports other anti-inflammatory processes, and our clinical studies have also shown how Omega-3 is important for good brain function as well.


There is a slight aroma to to SeaFibre-3 because of the Omega-3, but our regular customers will tell you it just takes a bit of getting used to and then you don't notice it.


If you have health concerns, always discuss with your doctor who knows your personal health journey and needs.  PhycoHealth products are there to fill in dietary gaps for prevention of disease, recovery support and targeting the healthiest you for the longest time. They are not drugs and are there to make your nutrition, gut function and metabolism more diverse and more complete.




INFLAMMATION and a lack of  ANTI-OXIDANTS? We can recommend Seafibre-3 

PhycoHealth Seafibre-3 Omega-3 Capsules

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