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FIQ Taurine IQ 100 capsules
Supercharged Food Love Your Gut powder 100g


Taurine is a sulphur Amino Acid that supports liver copper metabolism.  It is essential for the synthesis of bile/bile salts, which aid in the digestion of fatty acids and support retinol absorption.  Retinol, in turn, optimizes ceruloplasmin.  Taurine also calms the stress response by facilitating the  production of the neurotransmitter GABA.  In ideal situations we make at least some of our own taurine, but a body lacking key minerals may not produce enough, and children requre it as they grow.


Food sources are highest in seafood, red eats and organ meats, and the dark meat of chicken and turkey, with smaller amounts in dairy.  We can also consume cysteine in foods such as eggs, which we then use to make taurine.


Work up slowly to  500mg a day, can be taken with or without food at any time of the day, those  generally sensitive to sulphur, it is not recommended for.

(source RCP manual)


Diatomaceous Earth is for those well established in the Root Cause Protocol.  Since it can serve to bind minerals, users should have a solid mineral foundation before using DE.  There may be mild detoxification symptoms when starting.


Start with a small amount (1/8 tsp) taken away from food (at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after) with plenty of fluids. Increase slowly.


DE is a natural product mined from the earth.   Composed of 80-90% amorphous silica.  Benefits of DE include serving as a parasite desiccant and digestive tract cleanser, stimulating collagen to provide support for bone, joint and connectivr tissue, helping to bond metals such as aluminium and serving as a catalyst for the activity of copper.

(source RCP manual)

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